self employment in Switzerland

Part-time self-employed in Switzerland. What you need to pay attention to

In addition to a permanent employment, many people in Switzerland are also self-employed. What should you watch out for in order to avoid conflicts with your employer? Many employees dream of self-employment. However, as the loss of a regular income poses a high risk, it is advisable to pursue self-employment as a secondary activity at …

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where find search for apartment in Switzerland

How to get an apartment in Switzerland

Expenses on housing and accommodation in Switzerland monthly rent deposit (1 – 3 rentals) furnishings (apartments are rented in 90% without furniture and with kitchen already set) car parking fee (0 – 250 CHF / month) laundry – washing machines are not allowed in many households (shared laundries are for a fee) name tag on …

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costs of living in Switzerland

Life cost in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world. High earnings also cover high living costs and many mandatory financial expenditures, which may be voluntary or paid by the employer in other countries. Switzerland is a country of 26 cantons and the cost of living varies by location. In this basic overview, we …

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flexihelp vybavimevesvycarsku ubflexi

People, numbers, emotions

Review of 2020 We are digital, we are online! However, we are also happy, exhausted and enthusiastic and that’s exactly how you should end a business year. How did it all begin? At the end of 2019, I got the idea to incidentally create a new company, through which I could help my country folks …

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working permits Switzerland

Residence and work permit in Switzerland

Switzerland is not an EU country. A permit is required for long-term residence and job. The permit is issued by the migration office regarding your employment contract and lease contract. These documents are sent to the migration office through the municipal office (“Gemeinde”), where you have just secured housing or found a job with accommodation. …

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